• The Case Management handbook. A four unit guide intended to gradually build up all the knowledge you need to be an effective case manager. It was written for new starters, but anyone can use the table of contents to find things they may have forgotten, need a refresher on, or never really learnt. The handbook’s worth checking out, even if it’s just for the raunchy picture of Liam Ross on page 34. You can even read a goofy story about the life of an insurance applicant and her cigar-smoking financial advisor.

  • The Advanced Case Management handbook. Finally – the book we have all been waiting for! This guide goes beyond the basics. It explains tried and tested ways to organise your day and you workload, and techniques for how to get reports back quicker and improve your results. Trying out the tips in here will go a long way in helping UHG deliver a ‘5 star service’ to our customers. Check out this handbook – it might make your life easier.

  • WC/IFC Quick Reference Guide. You might have heard of WC and IFC requests. These are file copy requests that UHG sends to insurance companies (not medical providers). All these requests are currently dealt with by Les Elverd. He was kind enough to share his knowledge and experience for this guide. It will be a great help for anyone that finds themselves dealing with these request types in the future. 

MIE Case Manager