Built with YOU in mind, 

Providing opportunities is the aim// 

About the HUB

The Learning@UHG Hub was born from employee feedback, and we hope that more feedback & input will enable it to grow and develop as we all grow and develop as a business...


If you are a first time user, or new to UHG, HSMC or MLO then welcome to the team! Please follow the quick links down the bottom of the 'home page' to make your way through some of the essentials - Ie. 'The Foundations' program and 'The UHG Way'.


For those that have been here a bit longer, then please have a look around, try some 'Opportunities for further learning', and offer feedback & suggestions if you have time. 


We look forward to creating a culture of learning & development here at UHG, and we can only do that with you!